SIMPLE cooking for Tempting and Yummyee food….

I am Homemaker trying to bring all my recipe and Knowledge under one roof. I like to learn new food items and make them for my Family. As mothers, we are worried about the Junk food and its liking and disadvantages on our near and dear ones, I am collecting Recipes so its readily available for all.

My Recipes are mainly for Vegetarians, who are on plant diet, no eggs, no animal content. I like to give sometimes substitutes for dairy products. So it becomes suitable for Vegans too.

I like to make it Simple and hassle free, so that a Beginner can also start with ease. With Tips and health benefits, all can understand it easily, Eat Healthy and Be Healthy.

Food is basic for all. So my objective is to make it

    • SIMPLE
    • TASTY

I invite you all in my Journey and walk together for Better Living.