Food Combining – Fall season

Autumn season is between summer and winter, during which temperatures gradually decreases. It is often called fall in the United States, because leaves fall from the trees at this time,dude. Autumn in Northern Hemisphere (US) began on September 22. It’s beginning of cold waves and it prepare us for winter and snowy weather.


It is nature’s adjustment to prepare trees for coming winter. Green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs shed their leaves to conserve water and energy. Trees slowly remove chlorophyll from their leaves and this makes changes in color of leaves turning into various shades of red, yellow,purple, black, orange, pink, magenta and brown. This is known by fall colors. Glucose produced by photosynthesis is stored in trunk to act as sort of antifreeze in harsh cold winters. It prepares for winter hibernation. So Fall colors are an important survival technique to enable them to withstand harsh winters.


We should also follow the nature to lead a healthy life. With change in weather some changes should be brought in our daily diet to keep ourselves free of ill effects. The changes made in our diet helps to build a stronger natural immunity. In Fall season, our metabolism is low so simple changes will help us to be healthy.

So first we will understand the change of weather and its characteristics. —

Fall season according to Ayurveda is referred to season of Vata.”Vata” is a sanskrit word meaning movement or energy of mobility. Vata is associated with a windy, dry, and cold climate. In fall season we are transiting from heat of summer to cold, dry, windy climate. So the food that we eat in this season should be of opposite qualities to balance and get tune with nature. So choose food groups that is warm, grounding and having heavy qualities. Foods with sweet, sour and salty tastes should be included in our diet. Lets us see different groups of food —

  • Grains : Rice, Wheat, Quinoa

They are naturally Sweet in taste. So all of these can be enjoyed in fall season.

  • Lentils : Mung ( yellow/ green), Beans (red, kidney, black), black gram dal/ urad dal, Toor dal

Though lentils are Astringent in taste, they are still needed for those following a plant based diet. Mung ( yellow/green) lentils does not aggregate gas or vata qualities.

  • Fats and Oils : Sesame oil, Almond, Sunflower, Mustard seeds and Ghee

All these oils are warm in qualities and clarified butter is best in fall season as it removes dryness. Be watchful on quality and quantity. Choose unsaturated fat vs saturated. Keep saturated fat less than 10% of calories per day.

  • Nuts and dry fruits : Walnut, Raisins, Almonds, Apricots, Dates

Be watchful on quantity, based on medically allowed. Handful of mixed nuts is a very good snacking option.

  • Natural Sweeteners : Honey, powdered Jaggery, date sugar

Use honey in herbal tea to improve immunity.

  • Dairy : Milk and Cheese

Drink warm milk in this season. Paneer and Cheese can be included in food.

  • Spices : Black pepper, Cardamom, Fennel,Ginger and Garlic, Turmeric, Paprika, Thyme, Basil, Oregano

All spices are very good in this season. Spice up your food according to your taste and likings. Spices gives warmth to body.

  • Fruits and Vegetables : Oranges, Kiwi, Grapes, Root vegetables, Pumpkin, winter Squash, Okra, Bottle gourd,Beetroot

Choose from Sweet, Sour and Salty taste. Pick fruits and vegetables which are naturally found in this season. Raw food should be replaced with cooked food. Cook your greens by steaming or cooking with herbs. More of stew and soups should be included in diet to keep us warm in fall season.

Tips: Stay healthy for a nice family 📷 with natures beautiful shades. Take your Flu shots on time.😊

  1. Fall season has 3 characteristics windy, dry and cold. So to reduce these effects don’t add in your body foods having these qualities. Our digestion is low in this season. so eat light food.
  2. Favour warm vs cold
  3. Favour cooked vs raw (for example salads)
  4. More of Flavour infused Tea
  5. Stay away from Popcorns, Peanut butter( hot and dry foods).



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  1. Megala says:

    Fantastic post with beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing thoughtful tips.

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    1. Rita says:

      Thanks a lot Megala ❤

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  2. SpaceNaught says:

    Wow Rita, how do you take these beautiful pictures?

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    1. Rita says:

      Thank you very much. I enjoy doing it.❤


  3. Jyo says:

    Wahh ! Such an informative post…and captures are mind blowing Rita !

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    1. Rita says:

      Thank you Jyo, Really nature has made all arrangements, need is to understand for our betterment.😊


  4. Sandhya says:

    Loved the photos of fall and the informative post on eating according to Ayurveda! Great share!

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    1. Rita says:

      Thanks a lot, Sandhya❤


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