National Watermelon Day

National Watermelon Day is celebrated on August 3rd of every year in America. Oklahoma declared the watermelon its official state vegetable in 2007. No one really knows when National Watermelon Day was established. Some people believe it was started by watermelon farmers and others believe it was a creation of the National Watermelons Board.

People celebrate the day by having watermelon for all their meals. Play different games and enjoy in gatherings. There is a  small town, which is about 1,500 miles from Washington, is home to a watermelon water tower, a watermelon queen and a festival called the Watermelon Thump*is celebrated for four days. Enjoy this juicy fruit after all, its most refreshing summer fruit loved by all.  Few more dishes by me ——





Few interesting Facts (Know your world!)

  • There are lot of games played, one of them is watermelon seed spitting competition. See who can spit out the most seeds in a set amount of time, or who can spit a seed the farthest.
  • According to the Guinness book of world records, the world record for spitting a  watermelon seed is 68 feet, 9 and 1- eighth inches.
  • The heaviest watermelon weighs 159 kg (350.5 lb) and was grown by Chris Kent (USA) of Sevierville, Tennessee, USA, as verified by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth on 4 October 2013.
  • A New York City man became a real-life “fruit ninja” this week when he sliced 27 watermelons in half on his own stomach in 60 seconds, setting a new Guinness World Record. But he warns: Don’t try this at home.
  • Japanese growers devised a way to grow square watermelons that would stack and transport more easily. By planting seeds in glass boxes, the fruits assumed the shape of their containers. The cost of this method made those cute, fruit cubes too costly.






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    That’s great🍉🍉 and nice recipes too👌👌

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      Thanks a lot Jyo


    1. Rita says:

      Thank you very much


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