Bhature is most popular Punjabi cuisine. Bhature are thick fried Indian bread, and are combined with chole to make a complete dish. Kids love the sight of puffed Bhature and relish it happily. This combination of Chole Bhature is very tasty and popular in all parts of India.


There are many recipes for Bhature — with yeast, eno, without yeast ,with wheat flour and so on.. Here I am sharing my Mom’s time -tested recipe. She taught me and I found it easy to follow at first time also. They puff up nicely and stays that way till served in plate.So I have tried to make it simple for understanding with pics.


  • 4 cups of Maida flour (more than 15 Bhature)
  • 2 Teaspoon of Semolina/ thin Rava/Sooji
  • 2 Tablespoon Oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon Baking soda
  • Salt as per Taste
  • 2 Tablespoon Curd
  • Warm water as required
  • Enough Oil for Frying

Reduce the quantity of flour and other ingredients according to your need.

Wash your hands properly as we need to use our fist to make nice dough. Take all the ingredients in a bowl and first mix them properly. Now with the help of lukewarm water prepare dough. For this pour little lukewarm water bit by bit and knead the dough.With the help of fist bring it together in form of ball. Apply force and little water to bind it together. Use less water first as the dough should not be too thin or too hard. It should come up when pressed gently.

Now with help of little oil(less than 1/4 spoon) ,try to smooth the dough. This is important for making nice Bhature. Knead it more for 2-3 minutes to make it soft and smooth. By doing this parts of sugar will dissolve nicely in dough. Now apply a thin layer of oil and cover it with kitchen towel. Cover it with lid and keep aside on counter of 2 hours or more.


After 2 hours, dough will rise in size.It will approx double in size. Then apply dry flour on your hands and press it with fist. Knead it and smooth out again. Now try to make lemon size balls out of the dough.Use little oil in your palms and smooth the balls and keep it covered with lid or kitchen towel. I was able to make 15 balls, it will differ according to size of yours.

Now take one ball on rolling board and try to roll it flat with help of rolling pin. Any shape round or oval will be good. It should be thick and even on all sides.


Heat oil on Medium flame for frying. For this it should be nicely hot. Test the oil by putting just a drop of small dough in the oil. If it sizzles and comes up , the oil is perfect for frying Bhatura. Now carefully put rolled Bhatura in oil and press gently on top of it with help of frying spatula. Flame should be medium to high as hot oil is needed for it. Pressing gently is important. Flip the Bhatura as soon as it forms a ball. Fry until it turns to golden brown on both sides. Take it out on a tissue paper, so excess oil is absorbed in it.



  • Thin Rawa/ semolina/sooji helps to keep it fluffy like ball.
  • Knead the dough for 3-4 minutes or till soft and smooth.
  • Keep it at warm place for 2 – 2 1/2 hours.
  • Once it rises press gently and knead it for few seconds.
  • While rolling it flat use dry flour or oil (any one thing).
  • Frying oil should be Hot enough otherwise bhatura will not be fluffy.
  • Press gently to make it rise like a ball.

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  1. PS says:

    This looks perfectly done!! I never made at home, I guess now it’s the time! Unless I could have this!!!:P


    1. Rita says:

      Do give a try, you will love to make them as I do. Read Tips section and follow it, You will be proud of yourself after making it.👍 Do share your experience.

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      1. PS says:

        Yes, will do that !! Thanks for the motivation.

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      2. Rita says:

        That’s great😊

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