Mung Sprouts

Bean/ Mung sprouts are prominent ingredient of the Raw food diet or cooked and is common in Eastern Asian Cuisine and across the world. The sprouted beans are more nutritious than the original beans and they require much less cooking time.

Sprouting is a practice of germinating seeds to be eaten Raw or cooked.Sprouts  can be easily germinated at home. This germination process takes a few days. In market different types of vessels are available for process of germination but you can use anything readily available in your home.



  • Mung  beans
  • Water
  • Vessels can be made up of plastic, glass or stainless steel.

The seeds of Mung are first rinsed to  remove  soil and dirt from them.Wash them nicely for 2-3 times. Mung  seeds container is filled with water  and they are soaked in water generally for 6 to 10 hours. The soaking increases the water content in seeds and they tend to increase in size.


After soaking Mung seeds double in their size.Then drain the water properly from the container. I am dividing them in two  different vessels. Cover one vessels with a damp towel and keep it on kitchen counter.Towel should be kept damp,if needed sprinkle some water when needed.  Another vessel should be covered with lid open as air can go inside out (as shown in below picture).Keep this in Microwave. Unplug it, we don’t need  to start it.


After 7-8 hours very small sprouts are seen. In below picture  —  Upper part is of kitchen counter mung seeds and below one kept in microwave.


After 12 hours, Sprouts were little  big


After 24 hours, Mung sprouts  in both vessels : Left one was on kitchen counter, Right one was in microwave. I observed both results were good and not major difference can be stated except one that sprouts of bowl in microwave were more lengthy and uniform.


The crunchy and delicately sweet Mung sprouts are ready for Salads and other delicacy’s. Check for Taco Mung Shells recipe. Health benefits of bean sprouts:

  • Supports the Immune system:  Iron in raw mung bean sprouts helps our body cells stay strong and void of infection.
  • Helps maintain good eyes:  AMD (age- related macular  degeneration) may be minimized by  including folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 found in bean sprouts.
  • Reduces Anxiety caused by  stress: Sprouts are rich in Vitamin C , that helps fight common cold and may help you to have a  more calm disposition while getting more rest.
  • Reduce risk of Heart Diseases  : Vitamin K in Sprouts may help reduce the onset of heart diseases.
  • Build strong Bones: Manganese found in bean sprouts combines with calcium, vitamin  D, zinc , copper has shown to improve  bone mass, reducing risk of Osteoporosis.

Tips :

  • Seeds should be rinsed well enough before  soaking.
  • Seeds should not be kept in water after initial soaking.
  • Temperature should not be too  high or too low. It should be at room temperature ( above 70 degree f)
  • Air flow should be sufficient.
  • Seeds should not dry out completely. Proper moist and warmth are two important things to remember.
  • You can keep in Microwave or oven, we just need a close compartment where there is less light.

More than  48 hours









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  1. Go Jules Go says:

    This is so amazing – I can’t wait to try it! Thank you for sharing, Rita!!


    1. Rita says:

      Welcome Jule , It was fun doing it. Do give a try and let me know your experience.

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